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Lost Distillation

When the world loses its magic, will those who rely on it band together, or will personal problems and petty greed still take precedence?

Varista isn’t a wizard, she’s a thief, and not a well-accomplished one. But after an accidental fire, she ran and hid in the first place she could find, the wizard academy tower. So for months she’s spent her time dodging questions and the notice of her fellow students. In the city outside, Peronyl Landowe continues his quest to climb the council ladder and eventually rule the city. Capturing the fugitive will go a long way to securing his place, if only he could find her.

Now, external forces relieve the world of magic. Varista, thrust from the safety of anonymity, must solve the crisis while avoiding the authorities. Meanwhile, Landowe has tasked himself with benefiting from the calamity and outmanoeuvring his opponents. Their worlds are about to collide.

Will the wizards and politicians of the city set aside their vendettas and games to protect the citizens? Or will Landowe finally capture Varista and bring her to an undeserved justice?

Available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Old Wizards Home

What would happen if an evil, immortal wizard was locked away and forgotten about?

Meet Rodius Drach, the dark lord, trapped in an inescapable magical prison ten thousand years ago. Over the millennia, the arcane dampening properties of the building have provided a convenient place for the city to send elderly wizards and sorcerers; those deemed too powerful to let senility overcome and confuse.

And what do you know, there’s a new job opening in the old wizards home, and the only candidate just so happens to be Rodius Drach’s long distance relative; Genevieve.

With his life degraded to myth and legend, Rodius sees an opportunity, if only he can escape. Can Genevieve be convinced to help him, or will the dreaded nurses prevent his new reign of terror? One thing is for certain, the world isn’t as he remembered it. People are weak, strong leaders cannot be found. The city is ripe for the taking.

Can the most evil wizard finally triumph and take over the world?

Available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

You Can’t Prevent Prophecy

Is the life of the Chosen One pre-determined, or can another take their place?

Josephus believes he is the Chosen One, foretold in prophecy to quell the evil in the lands. Along with his sidekick, a kobold wizard named Grilk, they adventure into dark caves and dank dungeons, questing for the Eye of Aera. Meanwhile, a halfling thief, Penellina, also seeks the Eye, determined to prove she has what it takes to be a master burglar. Back in town, a Dwarven Cleric, banished from the mountain homes, senses a powerful force manipulating events.

These characters’ stories interleave in an inexplicable tangle of prophecy and self-determination. Join them on a light-hearted quest where they discover that prophecies are malleable things, and can be shaped and directed by those with the knowledge and desire.

Will prophecy win out in the end? Or will the heroes ultimately decide the path of their lives for themselves, and send the Three Kingdoms into turmoil?

It reads like a fun game of Dungeons and Dragons adventure with plot twists and comedic drama.

There was lots of action and adventure and twists that you don’t expect

With a plot that runs along at a cracking pace and plenty of witty banter plus a cast of interesting characters, this was fun to read.

a lot of comedy, double-crossing and confused heroes

Available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

The Unicorn Heist

When the stakes reach the limit and the authorities close in, will friends stay fast, or will everything they built crumble around them?

Galan and Grog are the last vestiges of the once-potent Thieves’ Guild, reduced to a closed down pub and stale beer. But one last job might save them, stealing a unicorn from a nobleman vampire. The employer? Lady Heatherdown, an elven druid from the nearby Farrowood, but she has her own reasons for hiring thieves to break into a vampire’s mansion. To make matters worse, Janu, the local Sentinel captain has caught wind of the plot by way of an informant and is hot on their trail.

Can the thieves make their way to the capital and infiltate the most heavily guarded party in the kingdoms before Janu catches up? What exactly does Lady Heatherdown plan on doing with a unicorn? Who is the informant keeping Janu so close behind?

These characters and more will race against each other and their own pasts on the way to the unicorn. No relationship will be untested, and no history will be undisturbed.

Will loyalty prevail in the end, or does every friendship have a cost?

Without spoiling the ending, I would just like to say that the poor unicorn deserved at least some molasses before the end!

Available now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Harald’s Adventure Wares

For years, Harald has eked out a living peddling adventuring gear. The pay’s never impressive, but wide-eyed novice heroes make for easy marks, allowing Harald to scrape by. His ticket to something more substantial? Completing his inaugural magic weapon – the key to propelling him far from this backwater town.

Yet, a curveball emerges: a wily goblin establishes residence in the very cave supplying his essential magical components. Strangely, the stream of adventurers frequenting Harald’s shop refuse to aid in evicting the intruder. Is it high time for Harald to take matters into his own hands?

Journey alongside Harald as he navigates the precarious intersection of necessity and aspiration. With the cave’s allure and his ambitions hanging in the balance, his decision to confront the goblin may reshape more than just his fate. In this enthralling short story, dive into a world where resourcefulness meets reckoning, and unexpected choices unearth unforeseen destinies.

The writing is amazing, hilarious, and genuinely has some of the best characterization I’ve seen.

Fantastic little story.

Available for free on Amazon.

Wild Diplomacy

Foress the gnoll is a seasoned diplomat whose expertise lies in fostering harmony between tribes. From orcs and kobolds to goblins, she has woven a tapestry of understanding among forest peoples.

However, a monumental challenge awaits Foress as she endeavors to establish diplomatic relations with the city-dwellers, a realm vastly different from her woodland domain. Can she transcend boundaries and cultivate mutual respect in this uncharted territory? Her unique musical prowess might just be the key to unlocking new avenues of cultural exchange.

In this concise yet captivating novelette, Foress’s skills and resilience face their ultimate test. Will she triumph, or will the shadows of past biases once again cloud the potential for unity? Discover the power of diplomacy and the magic of bridging divides in this short but impactful addition to the series, delivering all the depth and charm in a fraction of the length.

I found it delightfully uplifting, and it’s 5 stars from me🌵📚💁🏼‍♀️

Aegan and the Sunken City

This is a short story that acts as a bit of a prequel to a novel I haven’t finished yet. The story focuses on a deep-sea scavenger, Aegan, who lives aboard a permanently submersed city-submarine, the Triton. It is a steam-punkish underwater world set in a post-apocalyptic future. There’s also magic and a bit of cosmic horror, so quite an eclectic gathering!

Aegan and the Sunken City cover

What an intriguing look into a possible distant future

Available for free on Amazon.